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There is something special about the Coast to Coast AM family, and without directly experiencing it for yourself there is not much I can really say.  If you are familiar with the show then you already know what I mean.

I remember the first interview I ever heard on Coast to Coast AM.  I was probably about 16, so that makes me a 15 year listener.  The interview was about the Comet Hale-Bop and the strange behavior of a companion object following it.  The interview took place on 12/02/96 and the guest was Dr. Lee Shargel.  The interview was discussing anomalous behavior of this heavenly body's companion thought to be 4 times the size of Earth.  More info about this found HERE.

At the time, I was on a skiing vacation in New Mexico, and we were sleeping in the car that night because the roads were blocked with snow and ice.  Highway patrol had closed all roads until the following morning, and because of those circumstances I began my personal awakening and desire to learn more about everything I cannot fully understand.

I was reintroduced to Coast to Coast AM when I was in college 1998, and from there on out, I became a devout listener of the show.  My fascination with the content and the style of this show knows no limits.  It is a family of strangers, who pull together to learn about the mysteries of life.